Government relations

About this service

Our approach to government relations is intelligence led and starts from the principle that we spend substantial time on the ground and take a hands-on approach as a trusted partner to our clients.

Political and regulatory change can have a detrimental impact on business continuity. Decades of experience of working in emerging markets gives us access to the key policy and decision-makers that matter. We are able to make timely interventions to identify and defuse emerging threats.

We combine this with background intelligence gathering to anticipate pending political and regulatory shifts and act as an early warning system for our clients.

We provide:

  • In-country interventions to resolve business-threatening regulatory changes
  • Mapping of political and regulatory structures to identify key stakeholders
  • Intelligence-led policy and regulatory analysis
  • Crisis management
  • Preparation of leadership teams with intelligence profiles on key individuals
  • Anti-corruption intervention and training
  • Recruiting and setting up of local advisory boards