Our services

We work closely with our clients to provide strategic advice on: government relations; integrity due diligence; regulatory, political and macroeconomic risk

Government Relations & Regulatory Risk

Decades of experience gives us access to the key policy and decision-makers that matter. We are able to make timely interventions to identify and defuse emerging threats. We combine this with background intelligence gathering to anticipate pending political and regulatory shifts and act as an early warning system for our clients.

Our approach to government relations is intelligence led and starts from the principle that we spend substantial time on the ground and take a hands-on approach as a trusted partner to our clients.

Integrity Due Diligence

We provide strategic insights so leaders can make the right decisions on who they do business with. This includes carrying out background checks on counterparties, business partners or candidates for senior appointments and identifying the ultimate beneficial owners of acquisition targets. This allows our clients to understand who they are dealing with and assess the regulatory, reputational and commercial risks associated with them.

We build long-term relationships with our clients and act as a strategic partner, tracking emerging risks through intelligence monitoring and analysis.

Country Risk

We have years of experience of advising clients on political, macroeconomic and sovereign risk. These can have a direct impact on businesses via abrupt policy shifts or through broad economic weakness.

Non-transparent politics can also fuel corruption, while economic instability feeds civil unrest.

We analyse these risks and produce assessments tailored to the needs and risks of specific companies and sectors.

Market Analysis

The political, regulatory and commercial scene in new markets can be daunting, particularly in under-developed or non-transparent countries where publicly available information is limited.

Using intelligence sources, we map out, analyse and interpret the political, regulatory and commercial landscape so clients can operate with their eyes open and better understand the key drivers of their markets.