Due diligence & investigations

About this service

Our priority is to build long-term relationships with our clients and act as a strategic partner, tracking emerging risks through intelligence monitoring and analysis.

We provide strategic insights to allow leaders to make the right decisions on who they do business with. This includes carrying out background checks on existing counterparties, business partners or candidates for senior appointments and identifying the ultimate beneficial ownership of acquisition targets. This allows our clients to better understand who they are dealing with and assess the regulatory, reputational and commercial risks associated with them.

These risks may include indications of involvement in fraud, corruption, political exposure, sanctions violations, money laundering and other financial crime; illegal or unethical business practices; as well as concerns over a subject’s commercial credibility, standing, financial wherewithal or asset position.

Our approach to due diligence is both risk based and business-enabling: where possible we try to provide clients with the assurance they need to safely do business in challenging markets.

Our reports range from open source based red flag checks to complex, multi-jurisdictional investigations based on human source enquiries and in-country record searches.

SecureValue also assists clients through:

  • Litigation support
  • Asset tracing
  • Financial crime compliance
  • Sanctions screening
  • Corporate governance
  • Security risks / crisis management