Country risk & strategic intelligence

About this service

We have years of experience of advising clients on political, macroeconomic and sovereign risk. These can have a direct impact on businesses via abrupt policy or regulatory shifts, or through broad economic weakness.

Non-transparent politics fuels corruption, while economic instability feeds civil unrest. We analyse these risks and produce risk assessments tailored to the needs and risk of specific companies and sectors.

We provide:

  • Intelligence-led briefings for key decision-makers assessing how macro-political developments are impacting on their companies and sectors
  • Expert insights on the principle political and economic drivers of key markets
  • Timely responses and analysis of crises and flashpoints
  • Analysis of long-running crises

Security risks & crisis management

We draw on deep knowledge of crime, extortion, political violence and the capabilities of first responders to provide an overview of threats to foreign businesspeople tailored to the area where your operations are concentrated.

Our expertise includes advising clients on how to manage threats to staff and when to evacuate their personnel.